Sunday, March 11, 2012


Wearing my florals
Another day
Another way

Bisou Bisou

Photo Credit: Cutie


Bella said...

You look amazing!

Xen Lee ♥ said...

Hi Lhenzi, I actually found your blog while deciding if I should get the Guerlain Cruel Gardenia (i did btw :p).. and I have been hooked on your posts since :D

Im a little embarrassed to admit it but I have gone through your blog back to back! Your style is amazinggg, and its a mix of everything; on top of that, you also DIY!!

Spiritualism is also a big part of your life and I really admire that.. looking forward to your next post~


TrousersShoesandSkirts said...

I bought the pants 2 days ago, love them :)

Manisha said...

i think only a few ppl can carry off tht floral trousers n u have.... u look amazing as always!!! :)

Lhenzi said...

Thank You Ladies ^_^