Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Soft Curls (pic heavy)

Prep your hair with heat protectant. I used morrocan hair oil.
If you have bangs blowdry it with a round bristle brush.

Section you hair and Clip it.

Part your hair this way. Start curling our hair from the nape working your way upwards.

Take a section of your hair.

Clamp the hair from where you want your curls to start.

Curl your hair outwards away from your face.

Rotate the curling iron working your way towards the tip of the section. Hint. Hold the tip of you hair (without burning yourself) slowly letting go off the clamp while rotating your iron.

Hold the barell for 30sec or more if you have thicker hair.

Working your way from from nape till top and curling away from the face.

And repeat.

Curling your hair Away from the face.

Like this.

Do not comb your curls! Use your fingers to loosen them.

Be careful when using a curling iron to not touch your face, ears, neck or other body parts that are in the operating range of the iron. The last thing you need is a scar on your face or somewhere else.


I used my John Frieda 1.5" curling iron for this tutorial.
Always use a heat protectant before styling you hair with heat.
Also if you like to see a Video demonstration Click here
Ciao for now
Bisou Bisou

Photo Credit: Cutie


Dorothy Explor'r said...

wow..! wish i could do that with my hair. i have too much (thick) hair and it'd take more than 4 curls (even on a thin top layer) - either that, or i'm just not as skilled as you!

love it though :) and you're makeup is flawless as always!

Dorothy Explor'r said...

i can't get over your flawless skin :) makeup list please! ahah.

Lhenzi said...

Lol. I think it could also be because of my heavy camera flashlight. But here is the list anyways
Foundation Nars Sheer glow in Punjab
Chanel Bronze Universelle as contour/blush
Lips YSL #4
Kohl, Faslies & Mascara All Dolly Wink
Since this was take indoors I used no sunsreen whatsoever and sheer glow photgraphs Amazingly

Lhenzi said...

Oh & naked palette 1 on the eyes ^_*

Manisha said...

love ur hair color n ur skin looks flawless!!!!

Dorothy Explor'r said...

...wish my skin looked as good as yours! /JEALOUS.