Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beanies & Curls

Zara faux fur & Chanel Vita Lumiere in Shell

My kind of beanies with An extra long tail. Perfect.
A Video Tutorial to get the above curl

As announced previously I suck at making videos. I had a few request for a video tutorial on how I curl my hair? I decided to give it a shot, A complete fail. Bear with me ladies I'm still getting the hang of this.

Ciao for now
Bisou Bisou

PS: Let me know if this tutorial, IF at all, gave you the tinest bit of clue on how to curl your hair

pps: All the way from Beijing. ^_^

fan pic


velocity_girl said...

Hi there,can you also post a tutorial on how you do your bangs?
thanks. love the hair

tamushyoo rana said...

jus love your post .......... lyk alwz said...

hahah your friends are adorable!

Lhenzi said...

Tutorial in bangs soon :)
Thank u tamushyoo
Elvi those are not my friends. My little cousin & their friends

lhantse said...

Love and fashion from Beijing,both amazing.

Imsu said...

Oh yay! Thank you so much for this! I just have one more question.

What hair product do you use before/after curling it so that the curls last longer?

Lhenzi said...

I usually use my motto an hair oil on damp hair. Also my hair us damaged and dry so I have no problems with my curls staying. I would suggest you use a heat protectant spray that also works as curl hold.

Lhenzi said...

Morrocan hair oil. Damn this auto correct. :)