Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Dream

Forever21 Faux Fur Jacket, H&M leggings
I absolutely had the most Wonderful day yesterday. So it was my first day interning for the PR office for Drum Roll Prabal Gurung. Applause. Ahhhhh. Would it make sense if I told you it was An Unaware Dream that I didn’t know I could have, Come True. The funny thing is typically this would have categorized with me as one of those FML kind of day. It was cold; snowing not just flurries a combination of snow with wind and slushes every other crossroad UGGHHHH. I had to juggle carrying an umbrella, my satchel, garment bags that was wayyyyyy longer than me and I was either riding an alien train (1,2,3) asking for directions, getting lost or walking countless blocks with tourists who were giving me directions, all the while the weight of the garments bag eerily kept increasing. But Strangely I didn’t even have a single Ah sound of complain, no low swearing under my breath, no curses towards the universe and even more strange I had this good warm feeling inside me. Maybe this is what the adults meant when they said, “Follow your passion do something you love. It will never feel like work!”


Anonymous said...

OMG acha dee
im so excited for you :)
pat on the back from me
<3 Lhaksam

Viola Fern said...

hope the new blog along with the new year brings you a whole lot of pleasant experiences and new memories. wishing you the very best and we'll always be here to support you and your work. very much looking forward to this. much love <3

Yula said...

I love how you took your pictures in front of the drawer. I wonder if you gave it some thought or you just happened to sit in front of the cupboard while the pictures were being taken. Regardless, your fashion is supreme :)
Good luck!

Lhenzi said...

lol, no i did not just happen to be sitting in front of it, it was all pre-planned the contrast by my cutie ^_^..thank u lhaksam..aww thanks Nidup a girl after my own heart when it comes to choices in fashion apparel xoxo

palmo said...

i love the pics and esp what u wrote ..ur what u doing and finally seeing one of ur dream coming true..girl wish you best of evathing and hope all ur days fill with so much joy that i get to read ur blog eva day...muahhh n love u lots
xoxox pamz

Anonymous said...

yeah a final success ...i hope it continues... will always support what you do and wish u all the best.
xoxo tc

Avvantika said...

I posted ur link to my page on fb...this is awesome. Good Luck and looking fwd 2 see more awesome stuff!

deena said...

ive always believed in you dee and its so great to see u doin dis now! u are def da most stylish person i knw. luv u mucho xoxo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dee! You look fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

OMG Prabal Gurung?!?!?! acha dee im sooooo friggin excited for you! deki wangmo told me wud u said on facebook nd i was just catching up on your old blogs i loveeeeeee them. yur a fashion icon i love yur style.nd this blog thing is making me feel alot closer to guys . keep up the good work i love you.
love chewang

GagaDolkar said...


wanqmo said...

great post, went through all of your post .,!
all post were so inspirational <3
i just love your styles :)